A Lonely Magic

Fen, a street-smart, 21-year-old orphan with anxiety issues, thinks she has her life under control. Then a gorgeous stranger tries to kill her. WTF?

A mysterious boy, Luke, and his brother, Kaio, come to her rescue, whisking her off to a glamorous Caribbean island and supposed safety. But the island’s atmosphere simmers with unnerving undercurrents. The brothers have secrets and Fen has questions. Who are they? How did they know she was in trouble? And what aren’t they telling her?

When Luke takes her to a magical underwater city, she discovers answers more enchanting than she could have imagined. But the enchantment has dark edges. With her life on the line, Fen finds herself caught in tides of romance, mystery, and political intrigue.

If she hopes to stay afloat, she’ll have to find courage she never knew she had.

A Lonely Magic contains no explicit sexual scenes or graphic violence, but Fen’s not shy about swearing when she’s under stress–and she’s under plenty of stress.

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